Edge of Darkness

Swanner: Mel Gibson plays a cop whose daughter is gunned down as she walks out the front door and Mel thinks the killers are after him. Of course, if you’ve seen the preview you know that his daughter is into something that got her killed and this dad/cop is going to do whatever it takes to find out who killed her and why. Mel Gibson stars in his first movie in over seven years … but was it worth the trouble?

Judd: Before I begin, it seems whenever I tell someone that I often go to a movie with preconceived notions they get offended. “How can you give an unbiased review if you’ve already made up your mind before seeing the movie?” they ask, pearls clutched firmly in hand. I went into Edge of Darkness knowing that I was going to hate it, but in instances when a movie is actually good, the film can prove my expectation wrong. So, to answer your question is Edge of Darkness worth the trouble, my answer is a resounding yes!

Swanner: I’m really glad to hear that. I was pleasantly surprised too. I was expecting an all out action picture much like Taken was last year but this is much more a thriller. Gibson’s character turns vigilante as everyone he talks to that’s associated to his daughter is in fear of their own lives. As the body count rises on the good guys’ side, Gibson starts taking out the bad guys.

Judd: The movie worked really well for me because the pace at which the story unfolded was perfect. We only got little bits at a time, but the movie was never slow and it never felt like it was intentionally messing with its audience. There were no distracting red herrings; we knew what Mel knew; his intense and frustrating search was our search. I also like the fact that the movie didn’t rely on gooey sentimentalism. It was peppered throughout the film, but it was just enough. Director Martin Campbell knew Mel’s daughter’s death was the driving force, but didn’t bludgeon us over the head with it.

Swanner: I did get tired of every time Mel would question someone they would say they can’t tell him because they feared for their lives and then ended up dead…why not just kill Mel? Sure there wouldn’t be a movie but if they are protecting the “big” secret why not end Mel’s search? The action sequences in the film are well done but not over done like most vigilante films. I also liked the ending a lot so the film was really a surprise for me. It’s not the best of its kind but for a movie coming out in January … hurray!

Judd: Maybe my view is skewed because this is the first decent movie of the year, but I think Edge of Darkness could hold its own if it were released in spring or autumn. The story was good, the action was good and bloody, but not grotesque, and the ending was satisfying. I think it was a very good movie.


Judd: ½

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