Dear John/From Paris with Love

Swanner: Sometimes we have screening on the same night and when it’s the only two movies coming out that week…Brian and I will each take a movie. This week we had that very thing happen. Brian refused to see Dear John because he felt the onsite of diabetes just from watching the preview. I wanted to see Dear John more anyway so he saw From Paris with Love and I drooled over Channing Tatum and cried a lot.

Judd: Yes, while you were drooling over Channing, I was drooling over the man with the sapphire eyes, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. From Paris With Love is comedy/caper co-starring a thick-around-the-middle John Travolta who is a Black Ops agent looking to destroy a terrorist cell located somewhere in Paris.

Swanner: Mine was about two star-crossed lovers who spent two amazing hours not quite getting together. Channing Tatum plays John, a military man on leave in North Carolina where is meets lovely Amanda Seyfried who is on break from school. After two weeks they are in love. He goes back to the military and her to school where they write to each other everyday…I’m starting to well up again.

Judd: So basically your movie was Trick + The Notebook. Gross. I would consider From Paris with Love one of the first action films to get us past our January slump. It’s not a great movie, but it’s definitely worth a matinee or rent. John Travolta is over the top and borderline campy. There is plenty of blood and gore, not to mention the ending is probably the exact opposite of Dear John. I won’t give it away, but I was supremely satisfied.

Swanner: These two poor kids had everything thrown at them. The movie takes place before 9/11 so he feel compelled to reenlist at the end of his military time even though she’s waiting for him and it just goes on from there. What I really liked about the movie was the chemistry between the stars. We’ve been complaining that the casting of actors has been way off in the rom-com area but here they worked great together to the point I’d feel guilty trying to wedge myself between the two of them.

Judd: I will say that I don’t think the chemistry between Travolta and Rhys-Meyers was all there, which I blame on the direction. Travolta had such a campy presence that he overshadowed Rhys-Meyers who’s supposed to be a straight-laced Ambassador’s assistant. There were moments where they clicked, but overall the movie was the Travolta show — especially during the shoot ‘em up sequences.

Swanner: As a rom-com goes this one works pretty well. As I said the chemistry is good and the actors are attractive. The story does try to ring out the tears but tears equal box-office. Did I mention how amazing Channing Tatum looked in this film?

Judd: I’m sure Channing didn’t look as good has Rhys-Meyers. I’m glad you enjoyed your movie and I’m glad I had something else to see that night. It wasn’t great, but it was a lot of fun

Dear John:

From Paris with Love: ½

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