The Wolfman

Swanner: It’s three days till Valentine’s day and the people at Universal studio’s have decided The Wolfman is the perfect movie to release for all those lovers. What’s better than seeing someone’s heart being pulled out and eaten by a Wolfman on the holiday that salutes love. Come to think about it … maybe this is perfect counter programming.

Judd: Given the choice between The Wolfman and all the holiday schlock, I’d see The Wolfman. Of course, that doesn’t say a whole lot. The film starring Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt is a re-imagining of the old Lon Chaney Jr. Wolf Man movies about a man that returns to his homeland only to be bitten and infected by a werewolf. The weird thing is how much Del Toro resembles Cheney.

Swanner: What I missed here was the heart of the story which was how much he hated what he had become. I guess that’s not really up Del Toro if it’s not written in the script but I did miss it. Was it a deal breaker…no. The production design is amazing in the film. Shadowy and dark with the colors muted and spooky. I also thought the pacing was really good considering it’s done in such a gothic manner. That really doesn’t surprise me when you have a director like Joe Johnston who was able to breath new life into Jurassic Park III. I was sure that franchise was dead and his third installment was better than Spielberg’s Lost World.

Judd: Lack of heart is my biggest problem with the film. Even the romance between Del Toro and Blunt fell a bit flat, and I also agree that the fault is in the script, not the actors. The only character that was felt fully fleshed out was Anthony Hopkins as Del Toro’s father. As far as the look of the film… It looked too much like any other modern period creature feature. All the men wear handlebar mustaches and, snap, you’re in Victorian era London.

Swanner: I loved the facial hair and seriously…it was the 1890’s and that was the style. I thought the film was very beautiful to look at considering it’s mostly done in grays and blacks it had a lush feel but I didn’t even think that Del Toro and Blunt even came close to calling that a romance, I know that was implied that they were starting to have feeling but it was never more than a few goofy looks. Of course that might have been second base in it’s day. I liked the movie scares and all.

Judd: You love the facial hair because you used to wear it like that. And yes, I’m jealous. I wish I could grow a bushy fumanchu.

Swanner: ½
Judd: ½

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