Percy Jackson and the Olympian: Lightning Thief

Swanner: Now that the Harry Potter series is coming to an end, studios are all scrambling to bring in the next big kids franchise. Percy Jackson is definitely vying for that position. The story tells the story of Percy who we find out right away is the son of Poseidon. His Uncle Zeus has had his all powerful lightning bolt stole and all signs point to Percy. Why they point at Percy we never know but were told they do. So we follow Percy as he try’s to clear his name and who the real thief is.

Judd: Great, another movie series about an awkward half-breed teenager with super powers. What’s wrong with kids today? Back in my day we were found solace in “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.” And that was good enough for me. I’m glad you hit the biggest plot hole in your summary. Why did all the gods assume that Percy Sledge stole the lighting bolt? He wasn’t aware of his heritage; he had no motive; he had not ability — yet he was saddled with proving his innocence? It didn’t make sense.

Swanner: Director Chris Columbus does what he does best here … he introduces young people who are awkward and on the outside of the norm. Of course most teenagers feel they don’t fit in so Percy will seem very much familiar. Columbus does a good job with the actors and the special effects are good considering the budget must be much lower than the Harry Potter films. It was paced really well and with the exception of the whole lightning thief accusation if kept my attention.

Judd: I was a little hesitant about the movie. Wizards and warlock aren’t my thing, throw teenagers into the mix and I’m really turned off. However, I do believe that everyone needs to see the movie just for the scene when Uma Thurman came out as Medusa while channeling Norma Desmond. Fabulous!

Swanner: Uma always adds so much to any movie she’s in. The main cast is pretty much all unknowns but there are some veterans in the cast including Pierce Brosnan, Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, Rosario Dawson and Sean Bean. I do know this comes from a series of novels written by Rick Riordan with the screenplay by Craig Titley. The only problem for me comes from the script and the confusion we discussed at the beginning of the review. I liked it and I hope it does well enough to see another installment.

Judd: Action Jackson was better than I expected — at least it wasn’t a two and half hour movie about an obstacle course. Goblet of Fire, anyone? I would say the writing is on par with Harry Potter and much better than Twighlight. I can also see Logan Lerman becoming the next Zac Effron. The series has a bright future..

Swanner: 1/2

Judd: 1/2

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