Prince of Persia

Swanner: Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the new action adventure film, Prince of Persia. This is the big budget adaptation of the video game of the same name. My concern always is will it be able to pull itself out of the trap that most of these movie fall in to of trying to hard to please the gamers and producing a lame reincarnation. In this case I think they have done it. Director Mike Newell offers up a lust yet dangerous landscape, keeping up a good pace with laughs and swords.

Judd: This is not my kind of movie, but I’ll try not to be too harsh because it was well made, the effects were good, and the people that want to see this are going to enjoy it. In fact for the kind of movie it is, I really have no problems with it. I only feel sorry for Ben Kingsley. Where has his career gone? The only roles he takes anymore are bad guys that were dresses and eyeliner.

Swanner: Poor Oscar winning Ben Kingsley has really taken a wrong turn somewhere. As soon as I saw he was in it I knew he’d be a bad guy but I guess a man in his age (66) that’s still starring in movies…he’s done something right. I liked the movie a lot. It’s a popcorn movie, big on the special effects and light on the story. Speaking of the story, Gyllenhaal plays Dastan, a boy from the street who is adopted by the King to become a prince. Now an adult, Dastan has be accused of killing his father and must discover who the real villains are.

Judd: In the meantime he gets coupled with a mouthy bitch -– I mean, a headstrong princess -– after he steals her magic dagger that allows him to travel back in time when the jewel on the hilt of the knife is pressed. Once again, we’re saddled with a useless female who adds nothing to the story and only manages to muddle the plot.

Swanner: You have to have a princess in these movies. Yes, she was useless but you know how they to include a love interest. At least they didn’t have some awful love scene. this movie kept a good pace thanks to director Mike Newell who did so well on The Goblet of Fire and the Young Indiana Jones series. One thing I loved was when they were walking over the floor of sand and it all collapse … I’d like to see how that thing gets put back in place. It was fun and exciting, that something this summer is really missing.

Judd: It was fun overall, and while not my cup of tea, for those looking for a big fluffy blockbuster they can take the kids or grandma to, this is the movie. It’s not challenging, there’s nothing controversial and it’s not terribly violent. It’s a movie that if you miss some dialogue under the crunch of popcorn, it won’t make a difference. What they’re saying isn’t all that important.

Judd: ½


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