Swanner: Back in the mid to late 80’s most TV watchers were turned in to see Mr. T say “I pity the fool” on the long running series The A-Team. I wasn’t one of the people but I still knew everything there was to know about this show. It was part of pop culture so seeing a big screen remake came as no surprise. Like the series, our four heroes get in and out of trouble between the opening and closing credits. The question is will this big screen remake satisfy the fans and can The A-Team kick start this slow starting summer?

Judd: I think A-Team is going to succeed on all levels. While it’s PG-13, it feels like it should be rated R; the movie keeps the cheesy campy goodness of the original; Bradley Cooper is furry and shirtless most of the movie AND the needless female character is played by the laughably horrible Jessica Biel. A-Team is this gay man’s dream come true.

Swanner: I liked the casting of the main four guys a lot. I remember being surprised when I heard Liam Neeson was playing Hannibal. Granted, George Pappard was a pretty big actor in his time but it seemed strange to have Schindler heading up these misfits. The casting of Sharlto Copley (District 9) and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (UFC) was very smart. Copley went for it, making Murdock crazy but very funny and Jackson played down Baracus enough that if never felt like he was imitating Mr. T. Jessica Biel was the worst in the movie but anymore that goes without saying.

Judd: Don’t forget baddies Lynch and Pike played by Patrick Wilson and Brian Bloom respectively. Wilson plays CIA agent Lynch with a perfect mix of bumbling ego and Bloom is excellent as a Blackwater Forest Mercenary, who comes across as smug and dangerous – not to mention those eyes! The plot – for those of you that care – is the A-Team is set up when printing plates for $100 bills are stolen after being recovered. They have to find the plates again and restore their honor.

Swanner: Brian Bloom was really good in that role. Smug is the perfect word to describe him and yes, the eyes still have it. As much as this wasn’t my kind of movie it certainly was entertaining and well made. It’s good summer fun. It’s so likeable I want to see it succeed. I think the core audience will love it and those dragged along will have a good time as well.

Judd: This movie hit the spot for me. It’s an over-the-top action film with a good sense of humor, a great looking cast and minimal female involvement. A-Team and Prince of Persia are both PG-13 movies, but A-Team is much better by far. It’s the summer block-buster I’ve been waiting for.

Judd: 1/2


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