Knight and Day

As the summer finally kicks into gear here come a big budget, major movie stars, romantic comedy with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. The story follows June Havens (Diaz) who rouge super spy Roy Miller (Cruise) is using as a pawn to transfer “secret stuff” through the airport. Once Miller realizes the bad guys have linked June to him, he feels compelled to protect her from the before mentioned bad guys as they are chased around the world. At first glance your probably going to assume this is another silly lifeless romcom like The Killers or The Bounty Hunter but it’s more than that. I thought the movie had a real Romancing The Stone feel to it with fun performances and never taking the situations that seriously. So many films this year have been forgetting that high camp still works in these type of films, something they forgot in Kick Ass and The Losers. It’s not a perfect movie and if you want to pick it apart you can but if your looking for some light summer fare than this is about as good as it gets.

One thing that should be brought up are the performances by the two leads. Both actors have had their successes and failures in the recent past but as these two stars age they are moving into more appropriate roles for their ages. Diaz (38) has been playing more mothers and wives and no longer the sassy single lady while Cruise (48) has been moving towards the more interesting and hilarious character roles. The reason why these two work here is that they know how to make this comedy work and they aren’t trying to make us believe they are still 20 something’s. They are playing it smart and using the on screen charisma they have for everything it’s worth. In an age of pale vampires and 3D animation, Knight and Day gives a women over 25 a sanctuary from all the summer movie silliness.


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