Going The Distance

Going the Distance tells the story of two 30 something’s who meet in a New York City bar at a centipede video game and fall into like with each other. Erin (Drew Barrymore) is an intern for the New York Sentinel and Garrett (Justin Long) is a talent scout for Diesel Records. Erin’s internship is coming to an end and she’ll be moving back to San Francisco so the two decide to keep it casual and precede to fall in love. So, will a long distance relationship work? That where is storyline goes in this adult comedy.

Director Nanette Burstien, who before this was known for her documentaries (The Kid stays in the Picture), does a nice job of pacing the movie with plenty laughs and enough schmaltz to make it a romantic comedy.I was equally impressed with the script written by first timer Geoff La Tulippe. The lines are memorable and the characters are likeable. He’s taken the Sleepless in Seattle idea and brought it to 2010. They also made the right choice to make this movie a R-rated film giving everyone involved the chance to make it as dirty as they wanted it to be. The rating is mostly for language even though you do get a few funny semi nude scenes with Long.

The film also has a very funny supporting cast including Christina Applegate, Jason Sudekis, Charlie Day, Jim Gaffigan and Ron Livingston. They all move beautifully around the two stars. The two leads have great chemistry on screen, which probably has to do that they are an item off screen as well. Still the comic skills of both actors if not all the actors come through to make this a very funny and likeable comedy.

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