Piranha 3D

There was a time (before home video) where there was a separation of movies. Where movie theaters played really good movie and Drive-ins or Secondary theaters played B movies. B movies were Westerns, Sci-fi, Action or Horror. They were made on a shoestring budget and many of Hollywood’s biggest stars got their starts there. I loved going to the drive-in as a teenager because it was the only places you could see movies like the original Piranha. So seeing that Piranha was not only being remade but remain in 3D it made me nostalgic.

I went to see the movie at a matinee where my friends and i were the only people in the theatre. (I guess there isn’t a slue of older folks waiting for this one) So the three of us settled back in our seats for 88 minutes of camp and gore…and we weren’t disappointed. The story takes place Lake Victoria, a fictional vacation spot where after an earthquake in the bottom of the lake opening a fisher that releases prehistoric Piranhas looking for food. Fortunately for everyone it’s spring break and the bikinis make it easier to get to those fleshy areas.

Elisabeth Shue stars as the towns Sheriff with Adam Scott as the earthquake researcher that helps her save the day. The film also has Jerry O’Connell as the “Girl Gone Wild” guy and Ving Rhames is the deputy. There are some wonderful cameos from Richard Dreyfuss playing Matt Hooper…the name as the character he played in Jaws, Eli Roth and Christopher Lloyd. This is a bad movie so good that it’s fun to watch. Is there a place for movies like these? I mean studio’s bring out schlock movies all the time but usually it wasn’t their intention at the beginning where the producers of this film meant for this to be as bad as it is. That makes me happy. I don’t want to see a revival of every bad movie ever made but I’m reveling in this one. I have to mention the director Alexandre Aja who directed the cult favorite High Tension and the writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg who both penned Sorority Row. All three have had their hands in Horror but also campy horror which really comes across here.

If you’re too snooty…don’t see this movie, you’re not going to appreciate it but if you remember the days of silly movie with buckets of gore than jump in with both feet and take a swim with Piranha.

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