The Switch

As the summer comes to a close you notice the studios releasing films that they don’t think will be strong contender or gems they hope find and audience. The Switch was released as a film the studio didn’t have a lot of hope for but this time it turns out it was really the hidden gem. The film tells the story of Kassie (Jennifer Aniston), a mature woman who is looking to have a child before her last eggs turn to dust. Her BFF is Wally (Jason Batemen) who thinks it’s a bad idea spends his time telling Kassie just that. Kassie decides that since she has no one offering up parental services that she’ll find a donor and of course on the night of the conception a very drunk Wally spills the “offering” and replaces it with his own.

The movie was directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck ,who brought Blades of Glory to the screen, go a bit softer with The Switch by offering a more real slice of life with characters not quite as big as in Blades. The script is by Allen Loeb (Wall Street 2) and Jeffrey Eugenides based on a short story he wrote. Both the script and direction paint what could have been a bland or even sad story into a very funny and sentimental film. Brian would have hated this movie just because i used the term “sentimental”.

I also thought the acting was very good especially between Thomas Robinson the “child” and Jason Bateman’s “Wally” character. I haven’t seen that kind of male bonding since Jerry Maguire. Jeff Goldblum, Juliette Lewis and Patrick Wilson make up the supporting cast and all of them give solid performances. I walked in to the movie thinking it was going to be a Jennifer Aniston film but as much as she’s in it i still think it’s Bateman’s movie and he does a great job with it. It’s a shame this film has been opened so softly that many people won’t see it or even know it’s out. Fortunately, home video will be this film salvation.

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