Easy A

Judd: People ask me how can I give an unbiased review when I say things like I’m going to hate the movie just by the poster/cast/plot/release date. It’s easy. Hollywood has a strict formula from which it very rarely deviates. So when I saw an early September release of a PG-13 girly teen sex comedy starring Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes I immediately thought this is going to SUCK. However, this is one of those instances where Hollywood strays from its own standard.

Swanner: I know what you mean. The last three movies I’ve seen I’ve really liked … does this mean they are actually letting talented people work in Hollywood? The director is Will Gluck who directed last years Fired Up which I liked a lot so I was hoping this one would be as good and it is. The script is by Bert V. Royal (sounds made up) and it’s funny and clever, giving a lot of really good lines to a lot of characters. The main storyline here is about a high school girl who accidentally starts a rumor about herself and before too long she’s wearing a scarlet A on all her clothes.

Judd: The script is what really shines here. It is well written, very funny and almost made me long for the days when I was in high school and purveyor of the finest gossip. The characters are a little too cool for school, but at the same time I never felt like I was being raped with hip – Juno what I mean. The supporting adult cast is also excellent with Patricia Clarkson, Thomas Hayden Church, Lisa Kudrow and Stanley Tucci.

Swanner: The script is good but then everything clicks here. This is just a good movie. I think were so use to watching actors try to make a bad script look good that we forget what good productions looks like. Emma Stone (who plays Olive, the Hester Prynne-ish character from The Scarlet Letter) does a great job. She’s very likeable and lovely without being one of the current forgettable beauties that normally helm this kind of film. Who would have thought a Nathaniel Hawthorne adaptation was going to be so much fun?

Judd: I also think that even though the movie was PG-13, it still aimed high. Usually PG-13 means an adult movie that has been dumbed down and diluted to appeal to the widest possible market. I think it’s a shame that Easy A is probably going to be hindered by its release date. I think it’s a movie that would have done very well given a late spring early summer release.

Swanner: This time period rarely produces big box-office so it will probably suffer in September but I’m thinking the film will still find an audience. Emma Stone should also bring people in because she’s made some really good choices in a the pass few years with Superbad, Zombieland and The House Bunny and hopefully it’s produced a following. I know I’m a fan

Swanner: 1/2

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