Normally the movies kicking off September are usually some of the worst movies of the year but this time it looks like maybe things are changing. Last week i saw Going The Distance which i liked a lot and now we have Machete. Machete was a fake trailered featured in the hilarious Grindhouse movie. To give the feeling of really being at the 70’s drive-in, the Grindhouse team thought some really cheesy trailers would add authenticity. Of all the trailers, Machete seem the one easiest to turn into a movie that could sell tickets to current audiences. The fake trailer was directed by Robert Rodriguez so no surprise he would direct Machete to the screen.

The storyline follows Machete (Danny Trejo) an ex-Federale who is betrayed by his boss (Steven Seagal) resulting in the murder of his wife and child. Three years later Machete finds himself set-up again when he’s hired to assassinate Senator McLaughlin (Robert Deniro) , an extremist advocating the end of illegal immigration. Now Machete is pissed and he’s going to kill anyone that gets in his way.

This movie was so much fun. I’m a child of the 70’s and i use to attend the drive-ins for just these kind of films. Director Rodriguez really captures the mood and flavor of this style of film. It’s violent and campy with lots of gratuitous everything. Lindsey Lohan plays the daughter of the Senator’s assistant and she plays it well. Starting off as a drugged out whore (she’s such a method actor) and ending up a rebel with a habit and a machine gun…don’t ask. The cast is perfect. Rodriguez must have worked closely with the actors because everyone understood the style of the film and because of it there are some really good performances from Jessica Alba (yes i said good), Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey and Don Johnson.

Just reading off those names makes me want to see the movie again. My only regret is that some of the characters that get killed off in the film, i’d love to see back in Machete 2 which is already in the works. I loved this movie.

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