The Town

Swanner: In a suburb of Boston called Charlestown, the area is know for its car-jackings, kidnappings and armed robberies. The Town follows a group of four criminals and how a victim and FBI agent bring them all down. Based on the novel Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan, Director/Screenwriter Ben Affleck brings to the screen a sharp, smart crime drama with an amazing cast and script.

Judd: I find it interesting that Boston has become the new “Crime City”; New York is played out. It brings a freshness to the crime genre, Boston isn’t as claustrophobic and dark as New York; however, it seems like the sky is perpetually grey. The Town combined with Gone Baby Gone, make me wonder if Affleck is on his way to becoming the next Scorsese. Scoff all you want, but Affleck once again proves that he can write and direct a tight, well-done Irish gangster movie. He keeps showcasing his talents like his and I believe he could go on to direct almost anything.

Swanner: Before this turns into a Ben love fest there are a lot of things to like here. Blake Lively plays Jeremy Remmer’s sister in the film and she was freaking amazing. She isn’t in the film very much but when she is you remember her. She’s come a long way from the “Traveling Pants” movies but then again Affleck pulled out a great performance from Amy Ryan (Oscar Nomination) and I just bet Blake Lively will follow in those winning footsteps.

Judd: Chris Cooper, Pete Postlethwaite, Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner round out the fantastic cast. Going into the movie I knew that Affleck was the lead, and in comparison to his supporting cast I thought he was going to look hackneyed. However his performance is passable, and that’s saying something when playing with such heavy hitters. I will say that Jeremy Renner plays the same arrogant, cocksure prick that he played in The Hurt Locker. I’m looking forward to seeing him play someone not so obnoxious.

Swanner: Still, he played it well. He was quite good in the short lived series The Unusuals. So I know he’s capable and he has been around for a while with a pretty large filmography. The one thing I thought was interesting is that no one seemed to own a razor in Charlestown…not even John Hamm’s FBI agent. I know it gives that “on the edge” look but I kept thinking about the terrible beard burn they would leave.

Judd: I was too busy looking at the fabulous toupee Ben Affleck was wearing. He must get is hair from the same shop Burt Reynolds gets his; Elton John should take note. A wig should not look like an acrylic hair hat.

Swanner: I have been very happy with the movies I’ve seen so far in September. It really gives me hope that this Fall is going to have some really good offers for this years Oscar race. The Town is definitely a good start.

Swanner: ½

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