Zero Dark Thirty

Swanner: Zero Dark Thirty chronicles a decade long hunt to find Osama bin Laden. CIA agent (Jessica Chastain) spends her entire career and most of the first two hours watching interrogations and combing through files to find anything that might lead her to the location of bin Laden. Director Kathryn Bigalow (The Hurt Locker) takes us on this obsessed journey and Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker) delivers another bloated script that doesn’t really deliver till the last 40 minutes. At least in his Hurt Locker script he gave us a character to care about, Chastain’s Maya was just focused on the prize and we never got to see what drove her to become the agent she became.

Once Maya is confident she has discovered where bin Laden is living the film turns into a mess of red tape. How certain is she that it’s really him, they need the White House approval to go in and kill the terrorist leader. As idiotic as this seems at least the film picks up here leading to the Navy S.E.A.L. Team 6 doing there job. I was actually surprised how many things actually went wrong during the raid but i guess while we were caught up in the excitement of the deed we probably weren’t that concerned with the how.

Don’t get me wrong about the film. It’s well made and definitely delivers in the end but it’s 2:37 running time could have and should have been shaved down about 40 minutes. Chastain gives a good performance but was better in any of the seven movies she made last year just because they challenged her where this film has her trying not to look too pretty. I did want to mention that the interrogation scenes are extreme and hard to watch. If watching people get tortured bothers you… yes, even the bad guys…you may want to think twice about seeing the film since those scenes do make up quite a bit of the story.


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