Hansel & Gretel

Swanner: If anyone is expecting a Disney film when they go to see Hansel & Gretel they are in for for a very big surprise. This R-rated action film is not for the kids although they would probably like it. Hansel & Gretel are witch hunters. After their very publicized event as children the two decided to make it their family business. Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker) and Bond girl Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace) play the title characters all grown up and ready to kick butt. Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow) directs.

The film has that Brother’s Grimm feel to it but with more camp. The action is nonstop and all the stunt work is really well done. I sure that a lot of it CGI but when I can’t tell I consider that a job well done. If your unfamiliar with the Norwegian director you should check out his first film (Dead Snow). It’s about a group of skier who uncover a brigade of Nazi zombies that have been buried in the snow for years. I know this movie will be panned by most critics. The comedy is too broad, the music is too load and the story is thin and of course predictable. I’ll admit it’s really a dumb movie but it’s short enough and moves so well that it’s over before you get tired of it.

Overall the acting is good and the special effects are better. One thing I will mention is that this film’s 3D had me flinching a lot. They have everything flying out at us…so, I suggest the 3D. I don’t do that very often but the 3D was very much a part of why I liked the film. If you’re a fan of big loud dumb popcorn movies then you’ll like Hansel & Gretel. If you looking for art try a different fairytale.


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