The End of the Tour


Swanner: End of the Tour follows Rolling Stones Magazine writer David Lipsky in 1996 while he interviews David Foster Wallace. Wallace is just finishing his book tour of Infinite Jest, his novel that critics are praising as one of the great novels of his generation. Lipsky convinces Rolling Stone to do an article on Wallace and the story begins. I have no idea who Wallace was and have never heard of Infinite Jest, but if the story is interesting and the characters are engaging, then I’ll learn more about him. 

Over the next hour and 45 minutes, I learned that Wallace is not a very interesting guy. Lipsky wasn’t very interesting either… Why’d they make this film? I don’t want to discount the performances of the two leads. Jason Segel (Wallace) and Jesse Eisenberg (Lipsky) are very good at playing these two not very interesting people. Most of the film takes place sitting in a car or across from each other at a table talking about Wallace’s life which, again, isn’t that interesting. 

I don’t want to sound like the guy who doesn’t like independent films. I can sit through a movie like Locke and be glued to my seat while all the action takes place in the front seat of a moving car. Here, watching the guys buy snacks and then discuss said said snacks just didn’t do it for me. Director James Ponsoldt and writer Donald Margulies have been getting praise for producing such a interesting film… I’d still like to see “that” film because The End of the Tour honestly couldn’t be it. I’m sure other critics are calling it My Dinner with Andre for a new generation but I’m calling it a cure for insomnia.

Swanner: 1 star

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