We Are Your Friends


Swanner: Zac Efron and his three loser friends are still trying to find their thing. One wants to be an actor, one a DJ, and the other two… I’m not really sure. They live in the San Fernando Valley. Their only means of making money is to get Efron booked as a DJ and then bring enough people in to get a cut of the door. All four live in the same neighborhood, in their parents’ house and, yes, they are in their mid-twenties. It was as painful to watch as you might think.

The storyline is very close to Saturday Night Fever where Efron in playing the Travolta role, just swopping out dance for music, and New York for LA. Efron meets a famous DJ (Wes Bentley) who takes Efron under his wing to groom him in the exciting world of music manipulation on a laptop. This film is as terrible as it’s title. Like Saturday Night Fever, we see our hero fall in love with the wrong people and screw over the right ones. There is even a death late in the film that gives Efron’s character the will he needs to win that dance contest… I mean DJ the big show. 

Besides the similar Saturday Nigh Fever plot, this film also shares good music. It’s no Oscar winning score, but it’s the best thing they have to offer. One gripe I have is that why have Efron in the film if we’re not going to have multiple scene of Efron shirtless? When he is shirtless, the lighting is poor or it’s all too fast. The Efron fans deserve at least that. At one point Efron asks the crowd “Will it ever get better than this? The answer is no. Wait for home video on this movie. These people are not your friends.

Swanner: 1 star

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