Great Wall

Swanner: Based on the idea that the great wall of China was built to not only to keep out other nations but more so to keep out the monstrous creatures that return to feed on the Chinese people every 60 years. Matt Damon stars William Garin, a European mercenary looking for black powder who is captured by the Chinese but ends up helping them by offering western ways of killing the creatures while learning the ways of the east which include the use of the black powder. 

The film has a wonderful look to it with it’s beautiful landscapes and sets. It’s the largest english language movie to be filmed entirely in China. Direct Yimou Zhang (House of the Flying Daggers) is no stranger to these huge battle sequences and over the top special effects. You’d think though with three screenwriters (Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro, Troy Gilroy) that we’d have a better script but after researching the filmography of the writers their experience all stems around action and not so much content. 

With a huge budget, it all looks good. Costumes, sets and special effects are dazzling but the problem with the film for me was with the script. It never made me care about the characters and the continuous action sequences bore me more then excite. If you want action on top of action then this film should entertain you but if action with no heart isn’t your thing than The Great Wall shouldn’t be your ticket. 

Swanner: 1 1/2 stars

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