Swanner: Halle Berry plays Karla Dyson, a mother who witnesses her son’s abduction and continues the follow the kidnappers as they drive away with her child. I will warn you that the preview is one big spoiler. Every twist and surprise is in the trailer and, frankly, I was glad I didn’t watch it before I saw the film. The only thing that kept my interest was seeing if I could keep second guessing what was going to happen next. It doesn’t take a genius when everything is this predictable.

The film’s script is one big cliche. Halle’s character is a single mother, working as a waitress, who is trying to keep custody of her son from her ex-husband. At the time her son is kidnapped she is on the phone with her lawyer who is telling her that her ex-husband wants to have full custody just as her phone battery dies. As she looks for her son in the park where they were, she see a woman dragging her son to a car. As the car starts to drive away she grabs ahold of the car and is dragged around the parking lot. At that point, she drops her cell phone running to her car to follow the kidnappers. Most of the rest of the film has Berry following the kidnappers (white trash hillbillies), causing accidents up and down the freeways without either of the two cars ever getting pulled over. Maybe if she was texting someone, that might have gained the attention of the police.

The film is directed by Luis Prieto. I will admit, he kept my attention watching two cars aimlessly driving for most of an hour.  It all felt like a TV movie, which is where Prieto got his start as a director. Screenwriter Knate Lee gives us a simple story with very little dialogue, not that when there is dialogue it’s any good. All the twists are obvious, and the ending is disappointing. After a while the film was so awful it became funny. Looking forward to the goofy reaction shots from Berry and the carnage of car wrecks they left behind. I will say that Berry tried really hard to make it work, but a weak script and a TV director left her with very little. Save your money and watch this one on TV where it belongs.

Swanner: No Stars


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