Tomb Raider


Swanner: Whenever someone gets upset over a reboot of a film, I always tell them, if it sucks, no one will remember it a year from now. If it’s good then great, and we have another good movie to watch.  So, this week we have the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. I was never a fan of the original films, mostly because of Jolee’s snooty performance, so anything good here would be a win for me. Alicia Vikander steps in to Jolee’s shoes to play Lara Croft, who, in this origin story, is searching for her father who disappeared seven years earlier.

Tomb Raider is based on the 1996 video game that introduced Lara Croft. She was one of the first female characters that was in charge, and not just a damsel in distress. What made this film work for me was that, unlike the original, this film is telling a story. Lara is not like Indiana Jones, she’s not that interesting, but the adventure she’s on is, and that makes us watch. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m bad mouthing Vikander, with the exception of her squeaky screams, she was great on screen as she complimented the film and did not try to be the film.

Roar Uthaug directed the film as an action adventure rather than a star vehicle. The script moves well from first time writers Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastair Siddons. The rest of the cast Dominic West, Daniel Wu, Kristin Scott Thomas and Derek Jacobi are good, but Walton Goggins’ soulless bad guy really stays in your brain. I liked this reboot and I look forward to more stories. In its history Tomb Raider has sold 63 million games in the 20 plus years since it’s release and after this film, expect more to be sold.

Swanner 3 stars


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