A Quiet Place


Swanner: John Krasinski directs and stars in this horror film about a family is forced to live in silence as they as hunted by creatures that hunt by sound. The film opens with a family looking for antibiotics for a sick child in an abandoned store. We know something terrible has happened and get hints of this from newspapers still in their stands. All the members of the family are barefoot to keep from making noises. After leaving the store something horrific happens letting the audience know what the family and the world are dealing with. 

Judd: The cast is rounded out by Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds. Simmonds plays the family’s deaf daughter and is deaf in real life. How that fact comes into play in the movie isn’t addressed until the third or fourth hour mark. I can’t remember because I was so bored.

Swanner: The movie runs 90 minutes and it moves very well considering there is very little dialog, so to your snarky comments I say shhhh! The creatures have a bat shape to them with a head that resemble the carpels of a flower. I like the way we get some idea of what happened by the tear out from newspapers. Krasinski also wrote the script with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. As much as I liked the script, there are some big holes in it.

Judd: You mean like how the family is inexplicably barefoot throughout the movie, until it becomes a plot point? They’re called “sneakers” for a reason! Or how the family builds a soundproof basement, but they don’t use it until it’s too late? Or how they had all this electrical equipment that must have run on a super-silent generator? Or how Emily Blunt is 10 months pregnant, because, apparently, while they were getting antibiotics at the pharmacy, they forgot to pick up some rubbers? (Pulling out isn’t an option?) Half way through I thought to myself, “I haven’t seen a movie this awful since ‘It Comes at Night’.”

Swanner: This movie only similarity to the truly awful “It Comes at Night” is that there is a family hiding in woods. I agree with you on all of the points dealing with the plot holes. I can forgive all of them but the getting pregnant. I get that the film is trying to scare us but making us realize how sound plays such a big part our lives, and what it would be to live silently, or worse, giving birth silently. Still… A baby! I wanted to yell at the screen, but I was afraid to make a noise. All that being said, I really did like the movie. It was short and I was scared. I thought the acting was good and I actually cared if the family survived. Not the greatest movie, but a pretty scary one.

Judd: I’m tired of these exercises in existentialism masquerading as a horror movies. At the very least A Quiet Place is a short creature feature that actually gives us a creature, but I have no interest in watching the victims deal with the tedium of day to day living. I prefer my horror movies bloody and action packed, not survivalist documentaries.

Swanner: 2 ½ stars
Judd: ½ star


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