Swanner: On the eve of D-Day, a group of soldiers are tasked with destroying a radio tower in a small occupied French town; an act certain to change the outcome of the war. Once there, these soldiers find not just the radio tower, but a lab where the Nazis are performing horrific experiments on the towns people, both alive and dead. JJ Abrams produces

The opening sequence was as thrilling and terrifying as the opening of Saving Private Ryan but the film suffers the same way Ryan did when it goes from high adrenaline to a more realistic pace. Once the story-line kicks in, it’s one action sequence after another. The young cast keeps the audience focused on the exciting script from Billy Ray and Mark L Smith, and the edge of your seat directing from Julius Avery. Lots of things to like here.

The films R rating is in place with enough blood and guts to satisfy any horror fan. I would say it’s too much for younger kids but with the gore in today’s video games, this might be considered tame. The film feels original even though there are elements obviously borrowed from other films. I really liked this fun and exciting film and I can see it making my top ten favorite films of the year.

Swanner: 3 ½ stars


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