Ralph Breaks the Internet


Swanner: Ralph has everything he wants in his world: he’s got a job that he loves and a best friend, but when Vanellope’s game steeling wheel is broken, Ralph and Vanellope must travel into the internet to find a replacement before her game is scrapped. Wreck it Ralph director, Rich Moore, returns with screenwriter Phil Johnston to take us from the video game world to the internet. Johnston, along with Pamela Ribon tell a story of friendship in a place that is ever changing.

The film is just terrific. It teaches us how the internet works while it shows our heroes. Once they are there, they show us a city of all your favorite sites. Facebook, Amazon, Ebay and more. While moving the story along they introduce all the things we hate online with pop up ads, viral videos, and a search engine that constantly tries to guess your next thought. All of these things become characters and places in the film. When Vanellope discovers an online racing game, she finally finds what makes her happy. How can she tell Ralph that what she really wants will take her away from him and what he really wants.

The folks at Disney are always top of the line, creating characters their audiences actually bond to. They also love to poke fun at themselves whenever possible. At one point Vanellope ends up with the Disney princesses in one of the funniest sequences I’ve seen in a movie in a long time. The film is fresh and clever. It’s fast paced and involving. The race for best animated movie just got a front-runner and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ralph Breaks the Internet ends up in the Best Picture race. It’s easily one of the best movies of the year.

Swanner: 4 stars


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