The Other Woman

the-other-woman-2014-01Swanner: Last night we had one of those great reviewing experiences. That’s where I like the movie and Brian hates it. I know it’s cruel to like such events, but if I can hear Brian in misery for a couple hours … it’s a good thing. The film we saw was The Other Woman. This is your standard chick flick where the wife and the mistresses all find out about each other a make the man in question pay. Think of it as a First Wives Club wannabe.

Judd: I can tell you this much, John Cassavetes, the godfather of indie cinema, is rolling in his gravel; his son Nick is responsible for this atrocity. It’s obvious from the flat, hammy sitcom direction that Nick was only in for the paycheck. The intolerable Leslie Mann finds out her husband is having an affair with Cameron Diaz. They become best friends and stalk the husband, only to find out he has a third mistress. The whole time, I understood why he was cheating.

Swanner: I was surprised that the director was Nick Cassavetes. I thought he was directing more art houses pieces but after checking out his filmology he’s directed movies like John Q, Alpha Dog and The Notebook. So add this, and you have a very mixed bag of films – but all good. I’ll agree it’s kind of a mess, but it was still plenty funny and a very attractive cast. If you watched Game of Thrones you’d understand why it was so much fun seeing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau doing comedy. He’s even dreamier in modern day.

Judd: All good? Attractive cast? What the hell movie were you watching? I already mentioned the horrible direction, but let me delve a little deeper into the cast. Leslie Mann is fine as a supporting actress. She plays the nagging wife very well, but that voice of hers is like nails on a chalkboard. After seeing Cameron Diaz stink it up in The Counselor and using her ladybits like an aquarium suckerfish on the windshield of a Ferrari, I’ll never look at her the same way again. As far as attractiveness goes, the only one worth a damn was Taylor Kinney.

Swanner: Well, I still liked the movie – flaws and all. The women worked really well together and. yes, I’d have wanted to leave Leslie Mann, too, if I had to hear her voice all the time. Her husband director Judd Apatow has got to be the most patient man in the world … or deaf. I think the folks that like cheesy chick flicks – like me – are going to like this movie. It’s no 27 Dresses, but it is a lot of laughs and a predictable but satisfying ending.

Judd: The Other Woman is a PG-13 version of the equally abhorrent The Sweetest Thing. It’s unfortunate that women-led raunch-coms are so few and far between that movies like these are even made. It’s even more unfortunate that my comparison to The Sweetest Thing is going to be viewed as a good thing by some people. Women deserve better than dreck like this.

Swanner: 2 ½
Judd: No Stars