Rough Night


Swanner: When five college friends meet in Miami for a bridesmaid’s weekend, anything that can go wrong does. Scarlett Johansson Plays Jess, the bride-to-be who is hoping for a low energy weekend gets that idea vetoed by her friends looking to escape their not-so-wonderful lives. They ultimately find themselves trying to hide the body of the stripper they accidentally killed. Broad City director, Lucia Aniello, makes her big screen directorial debut with this girl power comedy.

Judd: There is nothing fresh about the story, so I went into the movie with the expectation of seeing a familiar plot told from a new perspective. The fact that it is rated R, plus the cast of very funny young women including Jillian Bell (22 Jump Street, Workaholics), Kate McKinnon, (SNL), Zoe Bell (Big Little Lies, Mad Max), and Ilanda Glazer (Broad City) gave me very high expectations that, unfortunately, the movie was unable to meet.

Swanner: I didn’t go in with high expectations at all. This is the same storyline as Very Bad Things from nearly 20 years ago, and I didn’t like the plot then, so all I hoped for was that the ladies could pull enough together to make it fun. The movie didn’t live up to my low expectations. I did think there were some very funny moments and Demi Moore and Ty Burrell as the neighbors were just creepy enough to be memorable.

Judd: The two biggest problems was that the movie ran out of steam by the second act, and there was a maudlin shift where the women confessed that their lives weren’t as rosy as they first let on. There was also an ineffective element of danger introduced late in the second act that only made the movie drag even more. Also, for being rated R, there wasn’t nearly as much sex and gross-out humor as there should have been. What little there was, especially with Moore and Burell, was very funny, but the movie hardly went balls to the wall. I was about to write labia to the wall, to keep with the feminist theme, but the term “balls to the wall” is actually an aviation term and has nothing to do with genitalia. You’re welcome.

Swanner: If the film would have been none stop funny, so much could have been forgiven. It was nice that they didn’t fall into the trap so many chick flicks fall into; There weren’t any music montages, no pillow fights, no one was a virgin, or sleeping with the husband of a friend. They were just unhappy people looking to rekindle moment from their past. This was a guy movie with chicks. We’ve been deceived.

Judd: It was a bad guy movie with chicks. The sad thing is, a couple more duds like this and studios are going to see as evidence that no one likes female-lead comedies. Progress made by movie like Bridesmaids and Sisters is going to be forgotten, and funny women will be stuck doing crappy romcoms for the rest of our lives.

Swanner: 2 stars
Judd: 2 stars

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